Supporters and Testimonials

Professor Zbys Fedorowicz, Awali BAHRAIN

I’m exceptionally glad to have found this registry. It fills in some of the gaps that others lack. Congratulations. I suggest that more people should be made aware and I will use Twitter to promote awareness.

Greg E. Manship, DBe, MDiv, CIP, CIM, Director, Human Research Protections Program, University of Indianapolis, USA

I thank and commend you for the Research Registry. I believe the registry will serve well those who have a stake in the advancement of research and healthcare as a means of promoting and protecting human flourishing and well-being.  I believe the registry does and will serve a vital role in promoting and protecting excellence in research and healthcare.

Dr Dimitri Barski, Funktionsoberarzt, Urologische Klinik, Lukaskrankenhaus Neuss, Germany

There are a number of positives that come with the Research Registry.  For one, acceptance of retrospective studies and first-in human case reports.  The site is clear and quick to use.  I like the home page with the registry’s overview and editor`s choice is helpful. Its fast track by default and you get your registration done straight away without having to wait weeks for someone else to approve it and finally it has a great search function.

Pengfei Hu, Huzhou central hospital, China

My experience on the Research Registry was swift and easy.  The process was complete in five minutes and I have that all important Research Registry UIN.

Dr Amy Price, University of Oxford

The first study I registered with you produced two publications here http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jep.12678/abstract and one for methods still in press and two conference presentations. I wanted to register the protocol so there was a record even though in participatory research this is not common practice.

Making the protocol public gives others a map they can adapt and make better for future research and this shows a consistency for researching outcomes a priori. I was pleased to register the protocol for mixed methods and participatory research. The journal added the registry number to the publication, I like this transparency.

I have registered a second study with Research Registry and also with PeerJ https://peerj.com/preprints/2671/ . I have already received feedback on ways to improve the protocol before we start. This process offers the opportunity to gain insight from members of the public to make research more relevant to them.