Editor’s Choice

Understanding and modelling COVID-19 mortality and severity

The effectiveness and cost effectiveness of community perinatal mental health services

AIM-HEALTH: Effectiveness of agricultural interventions to minimise the health impacts of air pollution

Prediction of Peak and Termination of Novel Coronavirus Covid-19 Epidemic in Iran

The Hong Kong Diabetes Biobank

Clinical performance study of the Genedrive Plasma Separation Device for use in near-patient diagnosis of Hepatitis C Virus infection

Weight Perception – Evaluating Inpatient Perceptions of Their Body Weight, its Effects on Health and Achieving Body Weight Goals

Ambulance Cardiac Chest Pain Evaluation Study in Scotland (ACCESS)

Environment-aware listener-optimised binaural enhancement of speech

Cross-sectional analysis of health inequalities in the UK Nursing population: Do Scottish Nurses have worse health and can this be explained by deprivation alone? Edinburgh Napier University

Feasibility study of the Kinsey Institute Homework Intervention (HIS-UK) to promote correct and consistent condom use among young men (16-25 years) in the UK context – University of Southampton and Coventry University

A Multi-centre service evaluation evaluating the role of Inflammatory Markers In patient’s presenting with acute ureteric Colic (MIMIC) – International Multicentre

Neuropsychological and emotional correlates of trait mindfulness in neurotypical and neurological samples – South Tees Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Patient Experience of recovering from pneumonia – a qualitative longitudinal interview study – Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Healthy Choices Made Easy – Public Health England

The Implementation of New Health Promotion Services (Smoking Cessation, Weight Management and Alcohol Intervention) in an NHS Walk in Treatment Centre for Minor Injuries and Illnesses: a feasibility study using mixed methods – University of Portsmouth, U.K

A mixed methods investigation of quality of life in patients with motor neurone disease (MND) and their carers – South Tees NHS Foundation Trust

The Efficacy of an 8-Week Concurrent Strength and Endurance Training Programme upon Hand Cycling Performance – Help for Heroes

The Effects of Made-To-Measure Compression Garments on Pressures Exerted on the Lower Limbs and Recovery from Muscle Damage in Rugby Players – GSK Human Performance Lab, Brentford, UK

Effect of a 6 week eccentric hamstring training intervention on athletic performance measures – St Mary’s University, Twickenham, UK

The Effects of Made-To-Measure Compression Garments on Pressures Exerted on the Lower Limbs and Recovery from Muscle Damage in Rugby Players – St Mary’s University, Twickenham, UK

Prospective Single-Blinded Randomized controlled phase II trial for biocompatibility optimization of anterior vaginal meshes for prolapse repair by autologous plasma coating – Lukas Hospital Neuss, Germany

Impact of mitral valve surgery on cardiac ventricular remodelling; feasibility evaluation of Computational flow dynamic modelling in degenerative and ischemic mitral valve disease – Multicentre UK

How do people with dementia and their carers experience social interaction and communication after attending a Cognitive Stimulation Therapy group? Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

A multi-centre, participant blinded, randomised controlled crossover trial investigating the effect of Vitabreath portable positive pressure ventilation device on exercise tolerance and breathlessness in patients with COPD – Royal Free Hospital, London

Scottish Participation in Genomics England 100,000 Genomes Project – Multicentre Scotland

Transvaginal PVDF-Mesh for Cystocele Repair: feasibility study of IDEAL – Lukas Hospital Neuss, Germany

Using behavioural insights to increase the return rate of HIV self-sampling kits – Public Health England

SMOOTH: Self-Management Open Online Trials in Health [Protocol]: An Analysis of Existing Online Trials – International Multicentre Study

Decreased Transport Time to the Surgical Intensive Care Unit Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Pilot study of tremor disruption in Parkinson’s Disease and tremor disorders – Cambridge University Hospitals