1 April 2018 – Research Registry introduces registration processing fee (RPC)

The Research Registry was free to register since launch in January 2015 and nearly 4,000 registrations have been made across the research and review registries. To date the registry has been staffed by volunteers and has had huge international success.  As the registry develops further in line with user demands, its important that we place the registry on a solid footing for the future, ensuring its long term sustainability.

From 1st April 2018, we will begin charging a small fee (shown at the bottom of the registration page), known as the registration processing fee (RPC).  It will help cover the costs of further technical development, ongoing IT/infrastructure/hosting costs, staff time/development, ensure quality control/data curation, audit, governance and marketing to raise awareness of the registry. Waivers or discounts in the fee will be considered on a case by case basis and will be geared towards helping those from developing countries register.

We thank all our users for their support to this stage and hope they will continue supporting us as we move forward.